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Founded in 1973 by Mr. Dal Lago Gianni and his wife Sinico Angelina, Escomar Italia s.r.l., at the beginning of its activity, was famous in all the world for the representation and trading of second hand reconditioned machines.
Thanks to the tight contact with the tanneries and especially with their problems, Escomar Italia s.r.l. has been stimulated to find different efficient solutions. For this reason it started the production of brand new machines.
The way undertaken by Escomar Italia s.r.l. has always been distinguished by a continuos development together with a strong concept of quality and reliability. Today, the main activity of new machines production, always together with the maintenance and in collaboration with the tanneries, in order to supply machines better and better specialized, reliable and at the customer size.


Escomar Italia Srl via Prima Strada (Zona Industriale) 36071 Arzignano (VI) Italy
Tel. +39 0444 451313 (r.a.) - Fax. +39 0444 676398 - E-mail: info@escomar.it

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